Lauren Mueller

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Food Additives - What are we REALLY feeding our kids?

I stumbled across this article today on Mighty Nest (become a fan of them on Facebook, they have some GREAT info -!/mightynest?ref=ts). Now I tend to think that I am pretty good at feeding my kids healthy food :). We don't eat ANY white flour, no processed sugar, DEFINITELY no HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), and not really any processed foods like American cheese or frozen meals, tons of whole grains.... but when I read this article - , I decided I should check some of my "healthy" foods for BHA ( Butylated Hydroxyanisole) and BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) and was shocked to find out that even my organic, whole grain shredded wheat that my kids eat everyday for breakfast contains BHT! Not to mention some artificial colorings too! In studies on animals, BHT and BHA have been shown to cause cancer and liver problems when fed in small doses over time (see article). I mean WHAT ARE WE REALLY FEEDING OUR KIDS?! Our food is bombarded with chemicals (even organic - "organic" doesn't mean it's always good for you!!!! It could be organic but still have high fructose corn syrup, BHT, BHA, white flour! NEVER ASSUME "ORGANIC" MEANS GOOD! Usually it does, but not always!). Anyways :), our food is bombarded with artificial chemicals, yet we don't care or don't know, and keep feeding our kids stuff that is PROVEN to cause cancer in animals! Suffice it to say, I immediately threw out my "organic, whole grain shredded wheat cereal" and will be checking labels for the rest of the day :). I hope you guys enjoyed my first post! GO CHECK THOSE NUTRITION LABELS :)!

A new blog!

I decided to start this blog because I am a sahm and I am constantly researching things that are good (or bad) for my kids, healthy, organic ways of eating, cleaning, and living, and "modern medicine" in my kid's lives. So, I wanted to have this forum to discuss and share some of my thoughts and ideas! I realize that a lot of what I might post will be controversial, but I hope to be able to give moms (and dads) some insight on what really goes into our kids mouths and bodies, instead of just feeding them whatever, and giving them whatever medicine and shots our doctors tell us to. I hope you enjoy, and I would love any feedback anyone has :)!